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aegis cares

Aegis Power Systems
Environmental Responsibility

How AEGIS Power Sytems is reducing it's environmental impact:

Electric Vehicles
     Our electric vehicle power supplies enable military, commercial, and industrial vehicles to convert AC energy from the power grid into stable DC power for electric vehicles.
energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
     AEGIS uses flourescent lighting and energy efficient appliances and electronics in our facility.  We also design our power supplies and power converters to be as highly efficient as they technically can be.  This means our customers are able to achieve optimum efficiency with their entire system by using our energy-efficient power supplies.
eco commute
Daily Commute
     One of the ways we are able to reduce our environmental impact is by cutting down on CO2 emissions.  Our facility is open 4 days a week for 10 hours.  This enables our employees to work a full 40 hours, but eliminates one full day of driving to work.  A longer weekend gives both our employees and our planet a break.
To cut down on the daily commute, we also offer two breakrooms for our employees equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, a toaster oven, coffee, and distilled water makers.  Most employees pack their own lunch and have no need to drive for food. Location in a rural community also helps cut CO2 emissions.  Simply not having to stop for traffic lights, stop-and-go traffic, and traffic jams reduces our driving times, frustrations, and helps our fuel economy.  In addition, the hours we keep are non-traditional, eliminating the impact of "rush hour traffic" altogether.
low waste
Low Waste
     AEGIS Power Systems is a low waste facility.  Our power supplies are build-to-order; which means we don't have unnecessary product filling the shelves.  Building to order means that our power supplies yeild the longest life possible during customer use.  All of our power systems (standard, custom, and special applications) are built with durability in mind.  They are robust and built to withstand their intended rugged environments.  A quality build with technical accuracy ensures the least amount of produced electronic waste.

AEGIS donates excess cardboard boxes, small plastic containers, and wooden pallets to locals in the community who have a need for them.  These items see immediate reuse instead of having to first go through the recycling process.
buy local
We Buy Local

     All of our power supply components come from distributors in the USA.  Many of our machining, metal, and custom packaging materials are sources within a 150 mile radius, with a few as close as 5-15 miles.
Working within the US allows us to communicate effectively with our suppliers and cut down on transportation pollution.
     Our facility power is sourced from the power grid system of the Tennessee Valley Authority; which provides hydroelectric power. This is  a clean, renweable energy source.
  AEGIS Power Systems cares about it's environmental impact.  We strive to make the world better with quality products.  Our power supplies have long life in aircraft, radar, defense, vehicular, ship, vme, and other numerous applications.  We take pride in producing custom and special applications power supplies that are better suited for the intended electronic environment, reducing noise and increasing efficiency for the whole system.