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Aegis Supplier Excellence Award to BC Machining 2013

BC Machining Receives Supplier Excellence Award

On December 11th, AEGIS Power Systems Inc presented BC Machining LLC with the 2013 Supplier Excellence Award from AEGIS.  BC Machining, of Brasstown, NC, was chosen out of 70 vendors for 2013 performance factors.  2013 supplier excellence s

BC Machining has given superior service for:

  • Quick return rate
  • Taking on an extra workload
  • Fast production
  • Quality build
  • Professional Mannerism

BC Machining’s ability to accept an extra workload in times of crisis enabled 

AEGIS Power Systems to produce quality custom and standard power supplies for our customers in an efficient manner.  We are thankful for BC Machining’s partnership with us in making 2013 a successful business year. It is an honor to work with such an outstanding company in close proximity to our manufacturing plant in North Carolina.  We look forward to working with BC Machining in the future.


To honor BC Machining for their hard work, AEGIS presented the company with:

The 2013 Supplier Excellence Award

2013 supplier excellence

A Gift Basket With Assorted Candies

bc machining basket



A Framed Certificate of Merit 

BC Machingin cert