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Edward Weston's Inventions Still Aid In Modern Day Power Supply Production

 Edward Weston's Inventions Still Aid In Modern Day Power Supply Production

Esward Weston Electricity meter 1

[Photo Credit: Mihut84]

 Edward Weston, born in 1850 in England and a graduate of Adams School in medical science[i], held 334 U.S. patents for an assortment of useful scientific and electric designs.[ii]

Associated with a variety of laboratory studies involving various alloys, Weston established the first true permanent magnet in 1988. This groundbreaking development lead to vast improvements in the ability to accurately and practically measure electric current.As a result, his company, Weston Electrical Instrument Company , soon began focusing on the commercial production of many kinds of meters such as the ohmmeter, ammeter, watt meter, and volt meter. [iii] Versions of these tools are still in use today and are an integral component of quality power supply manufacturing and other related fields.

A prolific inventor and scientist, Weston was president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) from 1888-89. He was also a member of their first board of directors and served as manager from 1884-87.[iv] AIEE later merged with the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) to form the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE.) On a related note, the AEGIS CEO and Founder, William Dockery, is an esteemed Life Member of IEEE as of 2012, also having been awarded with Senior Membership in 2008.

Edward Weston led a lifetime of achievements, including being recipient of the 5th Lamme Medal for "for his achievements in the development of electrical apparatus, especially in connection with precision measuring instruments."[v] Without his advancements in the world of engineering, we might still be using a much less portable and less precise form of measurement.

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